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“I let my mind run amok so I can write lies and fiction but when I look again, I find that I have written the truth.” Clare Shaw

Sageism by Clare Shaw

My new book: SAGEISM

My new book, Sageism, is now out and I’m delighted with the response! I hope this book will help you think, take action and laugh. I heard Caitlin Moran talking on the radio and she was asked what people should do if they wanted to be a writer like her. Her answer – ‘Have a rant!’. So I did, and this is the result. In homage to her, the subtitle is – How to be an older woman. It is packed with information as well as a funny and wry look at what it’s like to be a middle aged and older woman in this society. It’s a celebration as well as a call for change. I’m really excited about this book and I’m pleased to tell you it’s available from all major retailers including Amazon.